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3 Tips to boost your Midlife Motivation!

motivation Jan 14, 2021

How did you start your day........?  

  • Check your cell phone while brushing your teeth?
  • Made coffee, tea or smoothie while packing kids lunch, unload the dishwasher and cleaned the cats litter box?
  • 7 minute exercise on You Tube while listening to an audiobook on motivation?
  • Getting dressed while loading the washer and feeding the dogs?
  • Read a book or joined a bible study?
  • Practiced self-care or volunteered?

Sound like an overload of questions, right!  As Jim Rohn mentioned: 

“Motivation is what get you started; Habit is what keeps you going.”

What motivated you to do all these things?

  • family
  • habit
  • guilt
  • routine
  • passion or purpose

How do you keep yourself motivated? Or even better, where do you start to connect with your inner motivation, or find the energy to getting back to your purpose and passion that seem like a lot of work?

Many of us have fallen into daily repetitive habits. According to scientists, “habits emerge because the brain is...

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