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3 Reasons for Midlife Self-Care

self-care Oct 22, 2020

Selfcare is the -buzz- word at the moment! We all know we have to take some time to give back to ourselves, but it seems like there is just never enough time, adding some extra 2020-Covid spice to the mix, then the self-care concept flies out the back door.

Nevertheless, it’s sometimes easier said than done!

I recall a few months back, I was desperate for a spa day, but with all the lockdown procedures, virtual school demands, the emotional rollercoaster and taking care of family and friends, I just did not have the energy to take any time for myself.

Well, I am blessed to have a fun, loving husband. He noticed that my personal wellbeing was hanging on a shoestring (although I believe he needed it himself as well) He surprised me the one evening with a store-bought facial mask and together we had a self-care date-night (although it only lasted for about 45 minutes before the demands of the household took over, but we did it.)

We both realised that it’s not about the...

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